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Got questions? Check out some answers below...




P.S. We love visitors. Come on by, we'll show you around.


So, what exactly is a "Member Owned Community"?


Burnt Birch Trailer Association is a one-of-a-kind community located on the east shore of Pigeon Lake.

It's a Member Owned RV park. Title to the land is held by the Association. Association Memberships are tied to individual RV lots. You don't buy your lot, you buy the Membership associated with a particular lot.


There are 155 RV lots serviced with underground power and seasonal shallow-bury water lines. The park has lake shore access with a developed beach area and a private boat launch. Resident Park Caretakers live on site year-round. Leave your RV on your lot all year - Pigeon Lake offers some great ice fishing!


How much does it cost?


Memberships are sold privately. Buyers and sellers negotiate the selling price. Check out the Memberships that are currently For Sale.


Members also pay annual Maintenance Fees. Maintenance Fees include power and water and cover the operating costs of the Park. Fees are set by the Membership at the annual AGM. Current Fee Schedule.


Can I have guests?


Of course! Your friends can park their RV on your lot, or they can enjoy one of four powered Guest Stalls near the water. Guest Fees apply. Guests must be hosted by a Member.


Can I build a deck? A shed? How about buildings?


We're an RV Park at heart, so you have to have an RV, but yes, you can build some movable structures including sheds, decks and add-a-rooms.


I LOVE my boat. Is there storage available?


If you don't have room to keep your boat on your lot, you can rent a boat storage stall on an annual basis. We also have a private boat lauch and a pier where you can load up your happy passengers and drop off your tired wakeboarders.


What kind of ammenities are in and around the park?


We're 3 km south of Mulhurst Bay. Mulhurst has the closest grocery store, liquor store, laundry, post office, restaurant and ICE CREAM!


Falun Co-op is 15 minutes away. They have a bit of everything: gas, propane, groceries, hardware and ICE CREAM!


And you have to check out the Village at Pigeon Lake on the South end of the lake for groceries, liquor, gas and propane, restaruants, clothing stores, giftware stores and more. (and there's ICE CREAM there too.)


Can I rent a lot for a week or a season?


We do not rent lots. All of our lots are Member Owned. We love having company, but you have to be the guest of a Member.

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