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** Time To Winterize **

**** OCTOBER 4, 2021**** 

WATER WILL BE SHUT OFF and our system blown out for the winter season.


  • Please disconnect all water hoses

  • Please retract any slides that disrupt pathway access

  • Please ensure all items are neatly tucked away on your Lot and are not in the roadway to allow for easy snow removal

  • Please secure your property and remove valuables from premises

  • Please contact Brian when you wish to access park during the fall/winter, as the dogs roam freely for added security


Membership Information

Please ensure all membership information (address, email, phone numbers, associate members) is current.  If you have any updates or just want to be sure information is correct, please email all required information with your Lot Number.

Thank you!!


Social Distancing

Social Distancing only works if we all participate.  Slowing down or preventing the spread of the virus will save lives.  We all are responsible for protecting those at higher risk.

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Please go to the COVID-19 RESPONSE tab on the website main menu for this important information.