News and Events


Water Shut Off



Water will be turned off and blown out for the winter season ! 

It is time to winterize. 

  1. Please disconnect all water hoses

  2. Please retract any slides that disrupt pathway access

  3. Please ensure all items are neatly tucked away on your Lot and are not in the roadway to allow for easy snow removal

  4. Please secure your property and remove valuables from premises


Board Positions Opening

At the end of this term, a few of our board members will have completed their volunteer time opening the opportunity for other members to fill these positions.  We thank everyone for their time put in to make our Park an amazing place to be!

The following positions are coming available at our
2023 Annual General Meeting:

- President
- Treasurer
- Sales Director
- Maintenance Director
- ByLaw



Membership Information

An information form is attached with the 2022 AGM Agenda,  PLEASE COMPLETE this form to ensure all membership information is correct (address, email, phone numbers, associate members). 

Please submit by email to all required information with your Lot Number.

Thank you!!