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Rules and Regulations




As adopted May 15, 1988; amended August 2, 1992, April 22, 1997, April 26, 2000, April 17, 2002, April 16, 2003, April 26, 2005, April 18, 2006, April 17, 2007, April 15, 2008, April 14, 2009, April 21, 2010, April 20, 2011, April 23, 2012, April 23, 2013, April 24, 2014, April 23, 2015, August 8, 2015, March 26, 2019, July 31, 2021, and May 21, 2022.


1.  Rules and Regulations

Members must ensure that they are familiar with all Rules and Regulations:

a) It is the Member's responsibility to follow the Rules and Regulations as well as any related laws or bylaws.

b) Failure to comply with Rules and Regulations and/or Bylaws:  Any Member, Associate Member or guest who refuses to abide by the Rules and Regulations and/or Bylaws may be subject to suspension of privileges and/or loss of membership. Any Member, Associate Member or guest failing to comply will, in the name of the Member, receive a written warning. Dependent on the severity of the offence, further action is at the discretion of the Board of Directors. 

Note: All infractions identified in a written infraction notice must be brought into compliance within 30 days. 

Expiration of Offences: Once a two (2) year period has elapsed from the date the offence was recognized, the offence may be removed from the Member’s record upon request of the Member.


2.  Member Lots        

Members trailer spaces are private and must not be used by others without the express permission of the assigned owner

and out of courtesy, Members must advise the Park Caretaker.  No person under the age of 18 years is allowed to stay overnight in the BBTA Park unsupervised.  


3.  Line Clearance

For fire prevention, accessibility, privacy and maintenance, the walls of all add-on rooms, storage sheds, playhouses, fully enclosed wood boxes, and the sides of raised decks shall have not less than two (2) feet of clearance to adjacent lot lines. Deviations to this lot line clearance rule will be permitted where Members on adjacent lots have agreed to the deviations in writing, have filed a copy of their agreement with the Board of Directors, and provided that at all times not less than two (2) feet of clearance is maintained between the walls of all neighboring add-on rooms, storage sheds, playhouses, fully enclosed wood boxes, and RV-units.  


4.  Vehicle Parking

 ALL VEHICLES MUST be parked off the roadways; if room is not available on your assigned trailer space, the specified parking areas must be used (NOT THE ROAD).


5.  Garbage       

All garbage must be wrapped in plastic bags, tied and deposited in the containers provided for this purpose.  No large items, i.e., BBQ, lawn chairs, building materials, etc. are to be deposited in or left at the containers unless with the prior approval of the Park Caretaker.  


6.  Sanitary Disposal

The disposing of garbage into the public toilets causes serious problems.  It is essential that garbage, including diapers and napkins, not be disposed of in the toilets.


7.  Pets

ALL PETS must be kept on a leash throughout the campground unless on a trailer space with the permission of the Member.  Handlers are responsible to remove their pet's defecation immediately while walking their pet outside their own trailer site.

8.  Quiet Time

Quiet time in the park is between 11:00 PM and 9:00 AM and between 2:00 AM and 9:00 AM in the beach area.  Use of the beach area is allowed until 2:00 AM.


9.  Guns

Guns or weapons of any kind must not be used within the park.


10.  Speed Limit

Speed limit within the park is 10 km/h.


11.  Registration & Insurance

All trailers and motorized vehicles within the park must be currently licensed and registered and have PL and PD insurance. A photocopy for proof of insurance must be sent to BBTA.  An update must be supplied each year for insurance.  A copy of the registration and license plate number is also required (BBTA maintenance equipment excluded).


12.  Lot Maintenance

All Members are expected to help keep the campground clean.  Members are responsible to provide regular maintenance on their assigned RV-site(s), to cut grass, control weeds, and to remove unsightly materials on their site.  If these materials have not been removed or corrected as per Rules and Regulations 1(b), BBTA has the Member’s permission to remove these materials and the cost for this service will be charged to the Member's account. The cost for this service will be charged to the Member’s account at the rate of $100.00 per hour with the billing not less than $50.00.


If by June 1st of any year, and anytime thereafter during the summer or fall seasons, in the opinion of the Maintenance Director a Member RV-site is in need of mowing or weed control to maintain orderly appearance within the park, the Maintenance Director has the Member’s permission to instruct the Park Caretaker to cut the grass or weeds with BBTA’s equipment. No written notice needs to be sent to the Member prior to carrying out this instruction. The cost for this service will be charged to the Member’s account at the rate of $100.00 per hour with the billing for any one mowing being not less than $50.00.


13.  Glass

Glassware is a particular hazard and is not permitted in the beach area.


14.  Designated Areas

For safety, swimmers must stay out of the Boat Launch area and boats out of the swimming area.


15.  Pier Fishing

Absolutely no fishing off the pier, boat launch & beach area. This is for the safety of swimmers.


16.  Dock

Boats must not be tied up to the dock or beached.  The dock is only to be used for loading and unloading passengers.


17.  Boat Launch

No Parking in the boat launch area.  After boats are launched, the tow vehicle and trailer must be moved from the beach area.  Campers are encouraged to return these to their trailer space.


18.  Property

a)  Items such as trailers, boats, etc., which do not belong to Members, must not be stored on Association property. Ownership proof must be provided on request to Board Members or its delegate.

b)  All non-members/guests  bringing  watercraft  onto BBTA  property will be charged a daily fee (see BBTA Fee Schedule for the daily charge).


19.  Fire Pits

Fire pits must be a safe distance from combustible items, 36 inch maximum inside diameter with spark screens.  Provincial Environmental rules apply.  Burn clean wood only. No painted, stained or treated wood, plastic, rubber, garbage or any other materials are to be burned.


20.  Boat Lifts

a)  Boat hoists must be stored on Member's own property.

b)  BBTA Board approval is required annually to place a boat lift in BBTA frontage.


21.  Guest Stalls

A maximum of four serviced (electrical only) "Guest RV-Unit Parking Stalls" will be located on the south side of Birch Road near the Park Caretaker's trailer.  These stalls will be available for temporary rental to guests of BBTA Members.  Rental will be on a reserved first-come first-serve basis at the rate of $40.00 per night (includes trailer dump fee) with a maximum continuous stay not to exceed 7 days within a 30 day period.  Members must contact the Park Caretaker to make reservations for their guests.  The conditions of use for the Guest RV-Unit Parking Stalls are as follows:

a)  Pets should be supervised at all times.  Pets on guest stalls shall not be allowed to run free and must be on leash within the boundaries of the guest reserved stall.  If leaving pets at site, they must be placed in the RV.  No staking of pets allowed on adjoining green space.

b)  Only propane fire pits, grills, and BBQ’s are permitted for use.  No wood fires are permitted at any time on guest stalls.

c)  Tents and portable gazebos are permitted if they are set up within the boundaries of the reserved guest stall.

The guest stalls may be occupied only when the Member(s) they are visiting are present in the Park.

22.  Guest Host

Members having invited a guest to visit or stay overnight in the campground are responsible to be at the campground to act as a host for their guest. The Park Caretaker should be advised when this occurs. For the period of April 1 to October 31, guests are allowed to stay on Member's lots not to exceed 7 continuous days at a fee based on the current BBTA Fee Schedule.  An additional 7 continuous days at a fee based on the current BBTA Fee Schedule with prior written request and BBTA approval.


23.  Winter Visit

For the period from November 1 to March 31st, no Member or guest is permitted to spend more than seven (7) consecutive nights in the park without the prior written approval of the Board.  After an absence of fourteen (14) consecutive nights, the Member or guest may once again in writing to the Board request to spend up to an additional seven (7) consecutive nights in the park. The Board may authorize such use of the park at its sole discretion.  

24.  Sani Dump

Annual dump fee for BBTA Members using tidy tanks to dispose of waste in BBTA tank by main gate will be equivalent to one current septic fee charge per year. Guests using BBTA tank for disposal on Member(s) lots - $10.00 per visit.


25.  Maximum Lot Membership

Any one (1) person named a Regular Member will be allowed to own a maximum of three (3) RV memberships (sites) at any one given time.  


26.  Off Season

Members are to unplug at the BBTA pedestal or BBTA offset when not at the Park during the off season unless permission has been granted by the board for security purposes only.  Members may reconnect during the off season when on the premises.  Off season is defined as the time frame in which the water is shut off in the park.


27.  Electrical

As stated in BBTA Bylaw 19, “Primary RV sites shall be serviced by a standard 30 amps RV receptacle.”  As stated in the BBTA Bylaws 15.3, annual assessment fees payable on Primary RV sites are to be calculated in accordance with the Bylaw.  The Treasurer will maintain a list specifying each lot number and whether or not the initial one-time electrical capital assessment levy of $1285.00 for power installation has been paid.


Any RV site which has ever been designated as a Primary RV site on which the one-time electrical Capital Assessment levy has been paid and which has been re-designated as a Secondary RV site shall have its power service removed.


No Primary RV site may have its power disconnected.


No request to have a Primary RV site changed into a Secondary RV site will be permitted.


Any member wishing to have power provided to a Secondary RV site will be required to apply to the Board to have the lot re-designated as a Primary RV site and if the one-time electrical capital assessment levy has not been paid on this lot, the member will be required to pay the $1285.00 one-time capital assessment levy before power will be connected.


28.  Bylaws Review

A past or current member of the Bylaws Officers should chair any committee relating to reviewing Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and any proposed regulations to the Board of Directors.  


29.  AGM Motions

New business motions for the AGM must be submitted in writing prior to February 1st.  The request must contain the signatures of a minimum of two (2) regular members.


30.  Notices/Complaints

Any board notifications or complaints must be submitted in writing and mailed to BBTA, delivered to park office, or delivered to the Park Caretaker.





31.  Minors

The consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors is governed by the Liquor Control Act. The local police have keys to the park, and the right to enter it and act appropriately if the Liquor Control Act has been violated.


32.  Pets

Pets must not be allowed on the beach area or the public eating area.


33.  Approved RV

All trailers in recreational campgrounds must have wheels and roadworthy tires on.  Lights and brakes must be operational and meet approved recreational vehicle description – See Trailers 1(a).


Any trailer, deemed unlivable, or deemed to have suffered long-term neglect, using Provincial Standards as a guideline, will receive a written notice as per Rules and Regulations 1(b).  The trailer must be made livable or be removed from BBTA. If compliance is not met within the 30 days, BBTA will remove the trailer and the cost for this service will be charged to the member’s account.


34.  Sewage

ALL SEWAGE, INCLUDING GREY (SINK) WATER, must be held in the trailer and/or APPROVED holding tanks, and must be pumped out for removal to an approved dump, or emptied into an approved dumping station. The only holding tanks approved for in-ground use are C.S.A. approved concrete tanks. There are specific rules regarding plumbing to these and venting them under the provincial plumbing regulations.


35.  Propane Tanks

Propane cylinders must be attached to supports or the RV unit to prevent them from falling over.  One hundred pound and larger propane tanks are not allowed.


36.  ATV's

All-terrain vehicles, quads, dirt bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, golf carts and other such vehicles must be used in a manner acceptable to the other Members.  They must be kept to roads and speed limits, no cruising rule, and must be kept off the beach area except for special events (examples:  BBQ, Fireworks, Construction) when used for the Association’s benefit.  It is the responsibility of said off road vehicle user to ensure that the gate is closed prior to using any off road vehicle inside BBTA boundaries as defined in section 120(2)(b) of the Traffic Safety Act, Unauthorized Operation of Off-Highway Vehicles.



(These rules are required to reflect the intent of the campground as a recreational park.)


RV Site Improvement Permits are available from the Board. They are required for:

  • construction or modification of decks, add-ons, sheds, etc.

  • any electrical construction or modification.

  • any plumbing construction or modification.

  • construction, demolition or removal of fences or anything perceived as a "fence" between RV sites.

  • removal of trees.

  • planting of trees or shrubs.

  • slab on grade concrete.  Classified as "non-permanent" structure".  Restricted to support under the tires only of members RV/motorhome will be allowed.  Maximum pour will be 8'6" x 3'0" per double axle.


RV Site Improvement Permits are not required for:

  • total demolition of existing structures.

  • maintenance and repair of existing structures, wiring or plumbing.

  • landscaping, as long as drainage is away from neighboring RV sites or there is no removal of trees.


When required, an RV Site Improvement Permit must be obtained BEFORE any related on-site activity begins. Permits must be turned in for approval a minimum of 7 days prior to the desired starting date and will be in effect for one year from date of approval.  Signed permits must be visually displayed on the lot during the activity.  It is the Member's responsibility to follow the Rules & Regulations as well as any related laws or bylaws.  In this matter, the Board's responsibility is to facilitate this process as much as possible and is therefore responsible for the RV Site Improvement Permit format.  When applying for a "Site Improvement Permit", the Member is responsible to obtain all permits from local approving authorities: Septic, Electrical and Building Permits and provide a copy of these to BBTA PRIOR to undertaking the improvement.  Contact the Maintenance Director for the current contact information for the designated Permit Issuing authority in our area.  All permits must be signed off by two Bylaws Directors.



a)  All trailers must be approved recreational units. While it is recognized that some members have moved in house trailers before these rules were set out, no further house trailers will be allowed unless for the permanent employee's residence allowed by the County.  A recreational vehicle or RV, comprise a whole family of vehicles that combine transportation and temporary living quarters for recreation, camping and travel. RV's fall into three (3) general categories:

- Towables: An RV designed to be towed by a motorized vehicle (car, van, or pickup truck) and of such size and weight as not to require a special highway movement permit. Towable RV's do not require permanent on-site hook-up.

- Motorized: An RV built on or as an integral part of a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis, combining transportation and living quarters in one unit.

- Park Models: RV's with complete living quarters, which are designed for only very occasional relocation and which may require a special highway movement permit. Park models require permanent on-site hook-up.  Park models are recreational vehicles and must be CSA approved units with Z240 code and/or Z241 code and must not be over 540 square feet.  Owners must obtain building permits prior to sitting the unit in BBTA.  

b)  Only one RV unit per primary space.  Other RVs parked on Member's primary or secondary site will be assessed a daily fee as permitted by Bylaw 15.3 (d).  Members pop-up trailer (tent trailer, hard top, etc.) will also be assessed a fee if set up.  Hybrid trailers will be considered a “primary RV” and therefore will be assessed fees according to Bylaw 15.3(d).  Hybrid trailers will be defined as “hard sided trailer with ‘pop-outs’ on one or both ends (front/back and sometimes sides) with the bed(s)”.  The pop-outs are manually opened and have fabric/mesh walls.  Any pop-up/out tent, open for drying or repair, will not be assessed for the daily fee.

c)  Skirting around the bottom of the trailer will be permitted as long as the trailer can be moved on short notice. A BBTA RV site Improvement Permit is required when adding skirting.

d)  Trailer hitches must be accessible for removal of trailer. (Face the trailer space entrance). Motorized units must be mechanically fit and drivable.

e)  All RV-units shall be parked to provide not less than two (2) feet of clearance to adjacent lot lines except that RV-unit slide-out sections will be allowed to be extended to the lot line on RV-units parked in the "Standard Position" which is hereby defined as the right-hand side of the member's lot when viewing the entrance to the lot from its access road.

- "Pull-through Lots" (lots 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 105 and 106) and "Abutting Lots (lots 41, 90, 93, 121, 107, 142 and 156) will require special permission from the Board of Directors for zero lot line clearance on RV-unit slide-out sections.

- RV units parked in other than the "Standard Position" will not be permitted to have zero lot line clearance on slide-out sections except by special permission from the Board of Directors.

f)  All units must be equipped with a current certified, fully functioning fire extinguisher.

g)  Existing mobile homes cannot be sold for continued use at the BBTA. Mobile homes must be removed by the present owner.  Also other structures or units deemed "to be removed" by a vote of the Members.  Said Members will receive a letter from the Association stating thus.

38.  ADD-ONS

a)  Add-on rooms must be limited to no more than 200 square feet of space on outside dimension.

b)  Add-on roof maximum height to be 15' 1" measured from ground level to the peak of the roof.

c)  They should have no room dividers, and be a self-supporting fully enclosed structure.

d)  No fireplace or other unit requiring a chimney should be installed.

e)  Only one add-on per primary space.  No add-ons are to be built on any secondary space.

f)   All drainage from the roof of the structure must be contained and the flow directed to ensure no drainage onto an adjoining Member's lot.  When practical and reasonable, drainage should be directed to a green space or the road.



a)  Storage shed: One per site.  Not to exceed 100 square feet in area.  Not to exceed 9 feet in height when measured ground to roof ridgeline.

b)  Playhouse: One per site.  Not to exceed 300 cubic feet.

c)  Decks: There is no restriction for the size of deck on one level.  It may be covered but the maximum height of the roof is to be 15' 1" at the highest point above finished grade. The sides must be opened to the elements at 40%. Sides or sections that are adjacent to another structure or a potential RV are excluded in the calculation and must remain opened.


The Alberta Building Code requires railings around the open sides of decks, and on stairs in some circumstances. If the deck is higher than 24" off the ground, it requires a railing. Railings must be between  36" and 42" in height. Railings are also required on any set of stairs over 3 risers. Stair railings must be between 32" and 38" above the stair when measured at the front edge of the stair tread.

- The following materials will be deemed covering 100% of the area where used:  solid wood, windows (glass, Plexiglas or others), tarps, etc., regardless if the material may be moved, removed from time to time.

- The following materials will be deemed covering 20% of the area used:  bugscreens, lattice, etc.

- Doors and windows are rated according to the material used to make them.

- To provide protection from inclement weather or to act as a sunshade, openings in decks may be temporarily closed during the period of time the deck is in use by the occupant with roll-up blinds, tarps, or sunscreen material. Under no circumstances shall decks be heated or air-conditioned with electrical power supplied from BBTA's electrical system.

d)  Garages and/or seasonal temporary storage will be defined as any wood or temporary tarp structure, purchased, or otherwise built.  Common commercial terms for such structures such as “carport, garage-in-a-box, or auto shelter” will be defined as “garages or seasonal temporary shelter” for the purpose of this rule.  Garages and/or temporary seasonal storage may be used for the purpose of winter storage from September 15 thru May 30 inclusive.  There will be no use of these structures during the summer period.

e)  Woodbox: One per site, only for firewood, not to exceed 128 cubic feet (one cord capacity).

f)   Storage sheds (if a constructed wooden shed), playhouses and decks built prior to April 1988 may be exempt from Rules 40(a), 40(b) and 40(c).

g)  Other Structures Hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms or pools are not allowed.

h)  All drainage from the roof of the structure must be contained and the flow directed to ensure no drainage onto an adjoining Member's lot.  When practical and reasonable, drainage should be directed to a green space or the road.



a)  Only member owned boats on trailers will be allowed.

b)  Boats in excess of 12 feet in length must have a currently registered hull identification number as provided by Customs Canada.

c)  All units must remain movable allowing for maintenance of the area.

d)  The boat yard area is meant for ACTIVE boat owners.  Members must use their boat within the current year or will be instructed to remove their boat from the boat yard, otherwise the boat will be removed by the association and put on the members lot.

e)  Members park their units in the area at their own risk.  The association assumes no liability in the event of damage or theft.



a)  The electrical distribution system, from the transformer to the receptacle designated for the member's use, is owned by the Association and shall not be altered, modified or relocated by any member.

b)  An RV receptacle providing 30 amp, 120V service will be provided to each primary trailer space.

c)  All RV units will be connected to the designated receptacle utilizing approved RV cord caps and cable.  Members requiring power supply to other areas on the trailer space (i.e., add-ons, sheds, etc.) must utilize an approved park panel and/or exterior RV plug-ins.

d)  Any expense incurred in the connection of the RV unit to the designated receptacle will be the responsibility of the member.

e)  All electrical cable buried underground must be in conduit regardless of wire/cable type or specs - rigid electrical PVC is the minimum accepted standard.

f)  All fixed (permanent) electrical installations must be installed under Electrical Permit by a licensed electrical contractor or by the lot member obtaining special permission from BBTA for a home owner's permit to ensure compliance with Alberta Safety Code Act.

g)  An improvement permit must be submitted to the Association clearly indicating the permit number (if required), location of all underground wiring located on your trailer space and the specifications of the materials used.

h)  Acceptable electrical connections are as follows:

i)  Preferred connection would utilize the RV power cable plus an approved RV extension cord (maximum length 15m (50 ft)) of #10/3 gauge STW or SOW outdoor flex cable with 30 amp 125v RV cord caps.



Site Improvement Permit

Method #1 - Preferred Connection


ii)  The installation of an approved "Park Panel" providing a 30 amp RV receptacle and one duplex 120v receptacle is acceptable.   Using, the #10/3 cable and rigid PVC for mechanical protection, the extension to the designated receptacle may be buried under the ground surface 2" to 6" where not subject to vehicle traffic.

Method #2 - Shallow Bury Option  


iii)  In situations where the use of an extension cord exceeds the recommended length of 15m, the member may install a second receptacle inside the trailer space at a convenient location to connect as in method #1 above.

Method #3 - Junction Box Option


The required 6" depth is acceptable except where the cable would be subject to mechanical damage or subject to vehicle traffic. In those instances 24" depth must be maintained. The junction box may be mounted on the wood post provided to an offside lot. In the case of an onside lot, a post to mount the junction box must be installed convenient to the BBTA pedestal, to facilitate the plug-in connection to the pedestal. The junction box may also be mounted on a sturdy fence or structure, which is convenient to the pedestal. Under no circumstances will any attachment to the BBTA pedestal be allowed.

A "Park Panel" may be added to this configuration connecting to the cable from the RV. Rule 42(f) is applicable with this connection option.



The notes in this appendix are for information and clarification purposes only and apply to the BBTA Rules and Regulations – Electrical.


Rule 41a. Should for any reason a lot Member requests that a wooden off-side post, (part of the BBTA Electrical Distribution System) be relocated, the following shall apply:

  • The lot Member must gain approval from the BBTA General Membership.

  • All relocations must comply with BBTA Electrical Rules and Regulations as well as the CEC (Canadian Electrical Code).

  • All expenses incurred with these changes shall be the responsibility of the lot Member. This includes the material and labor for changes to the BBTA Distribution System as well as the costs to the lot Member’s installation.

  • All future maintenance and repair of the installation portion beyond the demarcation point is the responsibility of the lot Member


42.  OTHER

a)  "Lot for Sale" signs are not allowed.  The Burnt Birch Trailer Association owns the site, therefore Association signs must be used.

b)  Member must inform Real Estate representative to contact the Association before listing their space for sale.



Tents are to be erected only on Member lots or in the Guest Camping boundary areas.  Tenting will not be allowed in any green space within the Park.


Golf carts, quads, side-by-sides, and like vehicles, will be required to display Member lot number that the cart is associated with.  The numbering should be clear and readable.  Size of lettering should be a minimum of 2” tall by 2” wide.


NOTE:   WE RECOMMEND that all members notify the Park Caretaker whenever removing trailers, boats, etc. This helps him maintain security in the park.  If he is not available, leave a note in the suggestion box.


Last Updated:   May 21, 2022

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